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Because working life is often unpredictable and unstable, our approach is not just about getting people 'from A to B'. It is about helping them to be agile in the face of constant change. 


Careers, leadership and organizations are more like jazz bands than orchestras. The ability to improvise while staying true to a purpose is intrinsic to agility. We care about the sense of fulfilment and wellbeing of working people while they navigate uncertainty. Work of all kinds and careers are eclectic and complex, an essential part of life and living, with several stages and goals, rather than something simply to 'balance'. 


As professionals, with internationally recognized doctoral and masters-level qualifications, and decades of global corporate experience, we work in an evidence-based way, while remaining flexible in our approach. We coach, counsel, facilitate, educate, advise and mentor, all of which happens in different ways at different times, using various tools, depending on your situation as a client. 

The integration of East and West in our own backgrounds helps us to reinforce diversity, approaching your challenges with our cross-cultural frame of reference.

Partnership and dialogue, and the application of psychological data are essential to our approach. We build a healthy working alliance with our clients to bring about practical and sustainable changes in their working lives.


Work and life can get messy. We say yes to the mess.

Examples of OUR WORK

Legal Research and Writing


  • Designed career development tools and facilitated career conversations to develop high potential and emerging talent.

  • Shaped and facilitated a coaching culture programme for a FTSE 100 global hospitality company, focused on Asia, Middle East & Africa impacting 30,000 employees.

Moving People


  • Worked with multiple clients in the UK and internationally on leadership initiatives and leadership development programmes, in a C-level facilitation, programme design and facilitation capacity. 

  • Facilitated leadership alignment in executive teams impacting workforces of 5,000 staff up to to 120,000 employees, partnering closely with internal HR and  strategy teams.

Office Meeting


  • Supported several ambitious change programmes as a facilitator in order to help global companies drive rapid growth in EMEA and Asia Pacific.

  • Designed and facilitated changes to structure, culture, talent and leadership capabilities, working with CEOs and leadership teams.​


On a Video Call


We coach both in person at appropriate locations and virtually - dependent on the clients' needs. We work in an agile way that reflects the the realities of our clients. 


We have worked extensively in the following sectors:



Banking and Financial services




Professional services

Government and public sector

Financial services 


Oil & Gas

Coaching case study

PROJECT examples


Clients approach us for coaching in several contexts. Primarily we find that there is either a need or desire to support performance enhancement, or to help clients with career transitions and career planning activities. Our coaching clients are often mid to senior level executives who may approach us directly for private coaching services, or who are sponsored by their organizations. We work in several sectors and can work both face to face and virtually, depending on the client’s preferences and needs. We tend to find that for each client there is a slightly different balance, and we find that some face to face interaction undertaken with comfort, safety and convenience in mind, is essential to our working alliance with coachees.

Our coaching approach is pluralistic – meaning that we do not just use one model, or coaching approach. We draw on several schools of thoughts, models, techniques and tools, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of a client. We are also pragmatic. This means that we treat each case as unique, and flex our style, and our methodology accordingly. We work with clients when they are going through major career transitions, such as redundancy, or promotions, or career changes. We support people when they feel that they may want to make a change, when they want to define their career direction, and when they would like coaching support to achieve specific performance, business, or career goals. We are qualified as career coaches and coaching psychologists, with strong backgrounds ourselves in business, so we understand the realities and stress of the business world. 

Overall, our aim with all our coaching is to develop our clients’ ability to coach themselves, to be agile in the way they manage their careers and become leaders. Psychological agility is at the heart of our approach and a basic developmental goal for much of our coaching. This means our clients think, feel and act in ways that are more flexible, and agile in the face of the pace of change, and extreme uncertainty that is becoming part of working life today. We have helped clients manage this uncertainty and find their own way forward.

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