We offer career coaching, leadership and organization development, on a flexible, discreet and independent basis.

We have a special and unique focus on agility in peoples’ careers, in leadership and in organizations. Leadership agility is our proven model for leadership development that builds organizational agility. Career agility is our unique framework for career coaching. At the heart of our approach is an appreciation for the business and societal benefits of an agile, global mindset.



We work with clients in all sectors and across every type of business.



What matters to us is our clients’ demonstrable commitment to learning and self-improvement.



We provide flexible and bespoke career coaching services for individual and corporate clients. 

Our approach is pragmatic and pluralist, incorporating a range of methods, techniques and tools. 

The aim of our career coaching is to help people achieve their goals and flourish as individuals, helping them and their organizations be successful. For corporate clients we adopt as systemic and strategic perspective, while treating each person as unique. 

Our style is collaborative, insightful and to work as thinking partners, not just as experts. 


Leadership Agility 

We support leaders in a variety of ways. 

Our coaching helps leaders build their own agility in times of ambiguity and uncertainty. We help leaders develop greater self-awareness and respond to the demands of the situation.  

The work we do with leaders is psychological and strategic. We use coaching psychology tools and techniques to support performance enhancement and personal growth.  

As practitioners with international experience and diverse backgrounds, we help to harness the power of diversity. 


Organizational Agility

We have deep experience of facilitating organizational change. 

With experience of multiple sectors and regions of the world, we bring an agile, global mindset to our work when coaching leadership teams and facilitating strategic conversations. 

We work at senior levels to help build momentum for change during periods of organizational transition. 

This is done in a way that supports speed and decisiveness in collective responses to external demands. The world we are in is digital and complex. We help clients manage the complexity. 

Our approach to complexity is to cut to the chase. We have no incentive to over-complicate things. We represent an efficient alternative for you.


Our impact is achieved by leveraging client internal resources, technologies and capabilities, in many cases by upskilling leaders, line managers and internal HR practitioners.


Our desire from the outset is to transfer the necessary tools and knowledge to you, our client, to develop internal ownership, and achieve scale fast, rather than become dependent on us. 

We are led by a desire to make a lasting difference, by evidence-based practice, and by you as a client.

Often our role is to plug short-term gaps in resource or capability for the design and implementation of internal career development initiatives, leadership development programmes, or organizational change.


We are able to shape and coordinate the efforts of other vendors, offering direction and ensuring high-value outcomes. 

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